Thursday, December 8


Yes I'm thinking of writing a book. For myself and those who want to read it, nothing public ofc. I think the story has the potential to be great. It better be, cuz my writing skills suck. Wish me good luck hombres!

Thursday, November 10


I know that I am bad at posting stuff here but that is your fault. If anyone is reading this, which I do not think, u should be more active!
Give me some feedback bitches.
I could not care less about your lame excuses. Write something, tell me that I suck... Or tell me that I am your god, both work just fine for me. I am guessing that noone will write anything but it was worth a shot, so now u can go back to your pathetic life and continue playing WoW or watch stupid YouTube videos and sharing them to your friends thinking u are funny. Tell your mom about me, I bet she will like what I have to offer.
Rage-time over, time to sleep and hopefully not die while doing that.

Thursday, October 20

So boring

God this teacher is boring! He doesn't even know what he's talking about. Even I know more about the subject then he does...

Stay out of school people, it only makes u bored!

Wrong makes anger

Yupp, there's something wrong with this app. Had to delete one of my posts.. annoying as the kid who stand in the background telling everyone else what to do.

Now u know how I feel

Do not fake it

Don't follow the fashion commercials so blindly. Be yourself, that way when you find the right one, it'll last!
I'm master of advice so trust me, I'm almost always right.

Make your own style, make your own life, peace!

Wednesday, October 19

Oh Yeah!

We're doin it!, we're chillin it!, we're rockin it! We're boom boom pow!

Oh yes, you know it..


Thursday, May 5

Something came!

Hope u enjoyed the last post cuz here's the remix IKKI did on it. Why does the name "IKKI" remind me of "IKEA".. hmm, never mind.

This is some serious shit.. u must listen!

So I'm finally making some progress with Logic, not that I've been working so much with it but still.. I'm proud of myself, check out my soundcloud page if you want to listen to a possible "start" to the new track.. It'll be an experiment but that's always fun!

Monday, May 2

Something is comin'

I just wanna show u something that I've been and still are keeping both my eyes on!
It's the new release from F.O.O.L, stands for FuckOurOrdinaryLife for those who didn't know.

Here we go!

F.O.O.L - Invasion from OMGITM™ on Vimeo.

And yes, It's from the "Oh My God It's Techno Music" label, those guys just keep pumpin' bangers!

Friday, April 29

hi, goodbye

Hi, ehm.. Hi!

So where do I start, I need to blame something or someone for my lack of intrest in this blog! Naaah! I'm just kiddin' (as usual?) I didn't have any access to a computer during easter so I guess that's a lame but fair reason. So I'm not doin anything right now, that's infact my problem.. I get to lazy when I just repeat the same things day in and day out.. I think I need a girlfriend! (ofc u do, retard..)

But no worries guys, I will cheer u up with some Spotify music, just wait and see!

The Foolish Legacy - Metamorphosis(Monophonique Remix)
Monophonique.. Do I need to say anything else? don't think so.

Fukkk Offf - Brainrock(Cyberpunkers Remix)
Cyberpunkers does it again, and again, and again...

I guess that will do for now! bye bye
u know I would f**k u if I could

Tuesday, April 19


Maaaaaaan! I've been brainwashed by 3OH!3 today. I totally luv their music and they just make hilarious music videos. I don't know how big these two guys is out there in the world but I hope they get much attention, cuz they deserve it!

Too bad they won't come to Sweden any time soon though. But hey! that's life.
And yes, there will be no vlogin' today, too tired and ugly for that. Nah, I'm just kiddin', I'm not ugly.. meet me and you'll see.

Now.. let's promote these awsome guys, here you go.. in HD

So that's all for today..
(you wanna know a secret, I'm single and waiting for the right girl.. maybe that's you)


Yeah this is the SHIT!, this is my future.. but for private reasons you won't be able to see my face, at least not in ths vid. I don't wanna get stalked if u know what I mean. For every vlog I do there will be my fav song of the day/week depending on how much time I will be spendin' in front of my computer.

But have a good one, I think I wish u a good night in the vid so no reason to write it aswell..

But please forgive me for the extremely bad talking and low sound.. it's in the middle of the night so didn't want to wake my family. Vlogs in the future will be better, more talkin', higher volume when the drop come and maybe, just maybe more of my face, hah!

Sunday, April 17

Yeah bitches, it's on!

Hah! I'm back, or at least I think I am. Fuck, I'm completely wasted right now so I guess this is not the best time to do some "bloging". Damn, is that word spelled that way? I'm always uncertain.
But yeah. fuck it.. I don't care and you guys don't care either. Better keep this one short before I get interupted.

I wasn't plannin' to do this today but I really need to keep up on the bloging.. cuz what else in the world is there to do otherwise.. I'm feelin' pretty proud of myself to be able to do this.. and when I become famous, cuz I will become that in time, you can say you were one of the first to discover me and take all the cred for it aswell!

But now it's texas hold'em time again so I this is my goodbye. cheers guys, I love you all, espacially the girls!
Hugs n' kisses, KLRFL

Friday, March 4

I'm not back, just wanted to say hello

I'm just here with an update, I'm not back to this blog quite yet.. I'm doing another blog project right now and that is gonna take some time.. the project will be anonymous, it's a test to see how big it can grow.

So this blog will be down for an unknown time.. Nothing that has not happened before.
Have a great life until then, bye!


Wednesday, February 2

brain failure

Yeah.. mm, yeah.. ehm.. first of all, sry about not posting anything on the blog. Second, I will not post anything more on this blog for a while.. gotta get in to the music thing, learning a new program and so on.. but I promise, when I've finished my first track on the new program, I will be back to this blog and do some awesome posts. Well, I might post something on the blog even if I haven't finished the track, but that is not a promise.. just wanted u to know.

Hopefully I'll be back here pretty soon, bye bye!

Wednesday, January 26

new shit

The Boomzers put up a preview of their comin' Rowentah EP, I have actually only listened to the the first two of the EP so hopefully the rest is good aswell. It's up to you guys to decide, damn I can't write today.. my hands move like snails over the keyboard.

So I don't have any party party track today, after all it's wednesday. But you can always listen to some old shit, always work!
But here is the EP, enjoy!
The Boomzers - Rowentah EP (Teaser) [OUT FEBRUARY 7TH ON BOXON REC.] by The Boomzers

Have a great day, c u tomorrow.
Sry for todays post, didn't find any music, didn't have the time actually, once again I apologize...

Tuesday, January 25


Okey, gonna keep this one short. Actually I just wanted to show you the music video for Cyberpunkers "Fuck The System".. but I'm warning you, those of you who doesn't like voilence shouldn't look at this one.

Pretty nice huh? and yes, when they die in the video they died for real, this isn't fake, I'm sry if u knew any of these people.. FUCK THE SYSTEM!

Nah, I'm just kidding.. gotta get to bed and get some sleep, bye!

Friday, January 21

welcome to my reunion

Long time no see, I've missed you guys.. no, I'm serious!
Soooo yeah, a new year and hopefully a lot of new music that will make me cum all day long.
I had a great time in Orlando, wasn't able to do any bloging from there so that's my excuse. And don't tell me that my latest post were the 8th of December, cuz I will just ignore that, no offense.

I hope u guys had a great holiday, if you had any and I'm pretty sure this will be the best year so far.
Nahhh, I don't like to just write about my life and your life and your dads life, you get the point. What I do like to write about is music, so here we go.. won't be so much text though, just me puttin' some links down below.

Vakkuum - X (Monophonique RMX) by monophoniquemusic
I can't get enough of these guys, they just keep making bangers! give them your support if you haven't already!

AUtOdiDakT & Electro Ferris - Chainsaw (The Mastertrons Remix)(TRAK018) by THE_MASTERTRONS
Gah! you don't wanna know how many times I've been listening to this, awesome remix!

Well, that's all for the first post of 2011, hope you'll have a good weekend and I'll see you on monday(I've decided I'm not gonna make any post on the weekends, that's my gaming time of the week)

Goodbye my lovers, goodbye my friends.. you have been the ones, you have been the ones for me
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