Wednesday, January 26

new shit

The Boomzers put up a preview of their comin' Rowentah EP, I have actually only listened to the the first two of the EP so hopefully the rest is good aswell. It's up to you guys to decide, damn I can't write today.. my hands move like snails over the keyboard.

So I don't have any party party track today, after all it's wednesday. But you can always listen to some old shit, always work!
But here is the EP, enjoy!
The Boomzers - Rowentah EP (Teaser) [OUT FEBRUARY 7TH ON BOXON REC.] by The Boomzers

Have a great day, c u tomorrow.
Sry for todays post, didn't find any music, didn't have the time actually, once again I apologize...

Tuesday, January 25


Okey, gonna keep this one short. Actually I just wanted to show you the music video for Cyberpunkers "Fuck The System".. but I'm warning you, those of you who doesn't like voilence shouldn't look at this one.

Pretty nice huh? and yes, when they die in the video they died for real, this isn't fake, I'm sry if u knew any of these people.. FUCK THE SYSTEM!

Nah, I'm just kidding.. gotta get to bed and get some sleep, bye!

Friday, January 21

welcome to my reunion

Long time no see, I've missed you guys.. no, I'm serious!
Soooo yeah, a new year and hopefully a lot of new music that will make me cum all day long.
I had a great time in Orlando, wasn't able to do any bloging from there so that's my excuse. And don't tell me that my latest post were the 8th of December, cuz I will just ignore that, no offense.

I hope u guys had a great holiday, if you had any and I'm pretty sure this will be the best year so far.
Nahhh, I don't like to just write about my life and your life and your dads life, you get the point. What I do like to write about is music, so here we go.. won't be so much text though, just me puttin' some links down below.

Vakkuum - X (Monophonique RMX) by monophoniquemusic
I can't get enough of these guys, they just keep making bangers! give them your support if you haven't already!

AUtOdiDakT & Electro Ferris - Chainsaw (The Mastertrons Remix)(TRAK018) by THE_MASTERTRONS
Gah! you don't wanna know how many times I've been listening to this, awesome remix!

Well, that's all for the first post of 2011, hope you'll have a good weekend and I'll see you on monday(I've decided I'm not gonna make any post on the weekends, that's my gaming time of the week)

Goodbye my lovers, goodbye my friends.. you have been the ones, you have been the ones for me
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