Wednesday, November 24


Hey guys!
If this post look weird it's because I'm using my iPhone.

So just to make it clear to u guys, if and when I use the iPhone to post something on the blog it will only be for a writing purpose as I can't paste anything as you probably understand.

I have no idea of how this will come out on the blog, but hopefully you can read it atleast hehe.
So this was just a heads up for what may come when I post something from the awwwsome iPhone
Have a nice wednesday now! Bye!


I have been sittin' at the computers for a while now and I came up with this idea of a new track!
The intro which I post down below is sort of how I want it to sound, except for the hits, lol.. I will take those away i the full version.

but here it is, not the genre I'm used to but it's always nice to try something new..

Error by KLRFL

have a nice one! cheers, ciao, hej då

Saturday, November 20


Hello guys!
My life is going in slowmo but still I don't get anything done, like the blog.. 10 days ago! whoa, that's way too long.
All I've been doing is work and just sleep. Haven't even found so many new good tracks, got 2 be sick or something. But I found these ones! extremely good! enjoy while you can.. I'm outta here.

Monophonique - Protoss by monophoniquemusic

The Mastertrons - Stick man (Monophonique remix) by monophoniquemusic

Wednesday, November 10

remodellin soundcloud

Hey guys!

Just deleted two of my tracks at soundcloud.. I just thought, hey what the hell, fuck these tracks.. they stink(along with the remaining ones aswell lol).
Besides, I'm about to learn this new program of mine, so no more FL, or at least I'm not gonna focus on it as much as before.
Yeah, so...god! how many of my post includes "yeah".. seems like I'm out of words
But never mind that, cuz that pretty much what I had to say today, doing a Starcraft Husky and end the post by "hope you enjoyed it and I'll see u guys next time!" hopefully he doesn't read this lolz..

Tuesday, November 9

Yeah, snow.. fuck off!

So I am sittin at work and outside a snowstorm is rageing.. god I hate snow.. can't it just keep itself to the skiresorts, those are the only places who really need it.

Now I'm off to eat some welldeserved lunch after a couple hours of work.
But let's listen to some new shit first.. Digitalism!!

Tuesday, November 2


Good morning to everyone, well at least it's morning here in sweden.. and a fking cold one aswell.
sooo, I'm just chillin' at work right now, didn't have time to eat any breakfast at home so had to eat some fruits when I came here.. God I hate when you eat something right after you've brushed your teeth.. everything taste like egg!

ehmm, yeah that's pretty much I had on my mind right now but of course I will post some awesome music!

hold on a sec...
... there you go, have fun and enjoy

These two remixes are wicked sick, especially the last one.. the shit just got dirty as fuck!
Have a nice day
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