Friday, October 29

Tex-mex with Skrill-ex?

So Skrillex released his new EP few days ago, thought I showed you two of them today. I was supposed to post these yesterday or was it the day before that? hmm, I don't know and it doesn't really matter. I'm going to post them now and you really need to hold on to something, just a tip.

The last one.. OMG! Turn the base and volume up!! but as I said before, hold on to something.

Well I guess that's all for now, might post some more tracks from his EP later today.

Make sure to buy it at BEATPORT!

Tuesday, October 26

hi hi hi!

Okay made a teaser for the new track, yey! named it "Ash 2" for the moment but I'm pretty sure the full version is named something else when it's done.

But here it is, enjoy!!!

Ash 2 teaser by KLRFL

Monday, October 25


Sry about not posting anything on the blog, but been busy the whole weekend and don't really have the time now either. But I'll post something later today, when I'm not working...

Wednesday, October 20

Crazy hair day!

My hair is uncontrolable today, just wanted u to know, pfff.
So.. I'm starting to get ill, I hate the autumm and the winter for that matter. But I'm probably off to Florida this winter, so I don't need to worry about the crappy weather here in Sweden.

Just got one track for you today 

The Oddword - No Machine(Modek Remix)

Oh! Almost forgot to tell you, I'm gonna start making a new song today.. enough said.


Tuesday, October 19

I love bananas!

Haha.. I like my banana photos. This is the result of an extremely boring day a couple of weeks ago.
Hey, that could be my new logo! I think KLRFL(me) and ShavedMonkeys can make a track about bananas, that would be awesome!! haha

Yeah, I'm sry guys but I don't have any new music today, or at least not at the moment... If I find something, I'll upload it later today. This is the worst part.. to end the post, lol.. ehmm, bah! have a nice day, bye!

Monday, October 18

This shit is killing me

Wohoow.. 4 days since I last posted something, wow.. didn't expect that. But now I'm here for ya.. So what do you want today? I know what you want.. a banger or two!

You gotta have patience with this one, but when it drops.. u might die, haha!

And I'd like to post another remix from Drivepilot, this one is also for FuckOurOrdinaryLife aka F.O.O.L.. enjoy! A track can say more than a million words

Need some sleep now.. tired n stuff

Thursday, October 14

No comment

ehm.. never mind the last post, wasn't myself. haha, eheeee.. I'm tired. I'm not used to work this much and now when I don't snuff anymore I've become pretty up n down if u know what I mean..

But enough of me, I would like to present two of my favourites this week, they're not super fresh, but at least they're from this year lol.

F.O.O.L - We're Not French(The Mastertrons Remix)
Yeah it's not much to talk about.. just see The Mastertrons and you'll know that it's a bomb! 
F.O.O.L - Bersekergang Feat. A Girl And A Gun(Drivepilot Remix)
It's a nice remix and love TBB sound, but don't think he made them himself, they're surely taken..

Well, have a good one and stey fresh! Cheers

Tuesday, October 12

I'm cloaked

Bye for a while.. don't feel that the time is right. there's things in my life that's  far more important, hope u understand... ciao! 

Saturday, October 9


Weekend is here.. get wasted! I don't care if you end up in a ditch tonight.. party like it's the last day of your life.. Just a tip from me, KLRFL.

Heheh.. u will shit blood after you'we listened to these ones. Bye!

Thursday, October 7

Spotifytime.. again!!

Yeah, I know.. the weather suck. But if you're reading this, you're probably not affected by the weather so never mind. So what do you guys think about that Al-Quiada is going to bomb somewhere in Europe(maybe). Okey, I will cut the bullshit and get down to buisness.

Polymorphic - Robodance
Sharam Jey, Andreas Hogby - Hearts Of Stone(DDY Remix)

Well I guess that's all for the moment, too bad though.. I like vid. more than just links.
Hmm.. gonna look around and see if I find something intresting and if that's the case, I'll be back with another post later today.. stick around!

Tuesday, October 5

Fuck Off

Since I follow OMGITM I decided to post this one, which, according to them, is a new track.. I don't follow Fukkk Offf so much but still.. here it is! Might be my bedtime story tonight

Unfamous shit

Several days have passed since I posted something here, it's really hard to keep it up.. especially when I don't have any intresting to write about.
I'm just waiting for a new Supermix from OMGITM.. why can't TBB do one?? I mean, how hard can it be.

Okey, so today it's tuesday.. what to do? work, lunch, work and then the gym. After that I'm going to play SC II until I can't see straight. Wow KLRFL, that sure was some intresting stuff to read, Not!
The only intresting thing about this blog is the awesome music you post.. so where are the tracks??

Okey, okey.. chill.. here they are, peace!

Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner - Animal Rights(Radio Edit)

And this.. one of my favourites this week, enjoy!
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