Tuesday, September 28


Every link I post on this blog is only for streaming, I will never post a download link, ever.

So now, when you know that I would like to introduce some nice songs from Soundcloud, so get ready for some heavy shieeet...

Release The Noise ( Preview ) by Controls

The Boomzers - WTF (Aerotronic Remix) TEASER by aerotronic

Of course you should buy these songs! NOT download... So, enjoy!


Okay, it's time for some songs from spotify.. I've said it before and I can say it again.. get spotify! Your future depends on it.

Idk if you've already heard these songs but if you haven't.. do it!

The Defeat - Bndts(Haezer Remix)
Hey Today! - Strange(Polymorphic Remix)
SHAX - I Get Dirty(The Mastertrons Remix)

Well, I guess that's all for today.. or maybe not, we'll see, bye!

Sunday, September 26

word problems

God I hate sundays.. you only have another week of work ahead of you when you wake up tomorrow. why can't someone just donate some money to a poor guy like me..

Damn, I'm so extremely depressed.. That's the reason why I haven't written something the last days. And I know it sucks to read this, but I still feel that I need to express myself somewhere..

Now I'm going to watch this crappy movie, and then get my welldeserved sleep.. so long partners
Tomorrow we'll all wake up happy!

Well.. The Boomzers released their "WTF EP" here in september, and one of my favourite made a remix of it.. Haezer! So enjoy!

Friday, September 24


Sry guys.. don't have time to write anything right now.. just this

I'll try to write something nice later.. ok, now u know
KLRFL, the most colourful guy on the planet!

Thursday, September 23

Super Mario Sunshine

Fuck.. why can't it rain while ur inside working.. and then u can have sunshine,but I guess that's not possible. Ehmmm.. I could use some suggestions on apps to iPhone.. so I can blogg from it, instead of always logg on to a computer. Anyone know any good ones?

Here come a recomedation from me, buy an Xbox 360 or slim and the new Halo Reach(c)..It's awesome!

Transmisson ended.....

Wednesday, September 22


At last the sun is shining here in Sthlm.. so today I will go to the gym, hope someone join me.. yeah, that's pretty much what I will do today.

Okay, most of u guys heard the song "Big city life" by Mattafix and I found this video on YT.. so enjoy! (it's not the official one..)

Tuesday, September 21

what a de;PpPresing day

Rain, rain and effin more rain.. Stockholm can be so boring during the autumn. No coloursplashes to be seen, everyone wear grey clothing.. what happened to the KLRFL society.

A couple of days ago I watched Deadmau5 streaming from Malta live, damn that was awesome, maybe something for me?? But from Thailand or the states instead.. oh yes!

Street of kings

I guess working here, right in the middle of Stockholm, sure is great.. but when everyone else are farmers u often get to eat lunch all by yourself.. well, no need to complain, after all I'm one of few to have a job.

Guess what, this guy I was talking about who were supposed to help me did reply, and of course I didn't see that until the day after.. lazy me.. so now I'm sittin' with a program that I can't do anything with, guess i need to appiont a virtual meeting with him instead.
If anyone else know how Apple Logic works feel free to post a comment

Okay.. bye and remember, music can always make u happy!

Sunday, September 19


okay.. I will tell u about my crappy day so far.. I went up, I haven't eat anything today, so I'm kinda starving.. I played some boring counter strike -.- and now I'm going to make some food, probably just a sandwitch or maybe something else that just make u hungry after an hour or so.

I hope u guys r promoting me, lol.. in order to become the producer I want to be, I really need the promo from u!
Right now I can't make any music, cuz this guy who where supposed to teach me a few things about apple logic, that program sure is confusing, haven't replyed to my mail yet..
But now I'm of to the kitchen......
Later, perhaps

And yes.. fuck the pictures, does anyone even look at them? guess not. So I won't post any
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