Wednesday, December 15


Hey guys!

My life must is so boring, I mean, nothing exciting really happen.. That's one of the reasons I can't blog as much as I perhaps would like. But.. yes, I am lazy..I'm fully aware of that and guess what, it's not gonna change baby! But something that's gonna change is this.. ehm fuck I can't come up with anything.

We move forward on todays agenda and it is time for some music!

Deadmau5 - One Trick Pony
Dustmite - Game Over(Distance Remix)
F.Y.I These are Dubstep, don't pretend they're not!


Wednesday, December 8


Hey guys!

I just wanted to share Deadmau5 new album with you. I've enjoyed it so far, hope u will aswell.
And ofc it's through spotify and I'm not quite sure if you need premium or not to actually be able to listen to it, but I will post the link down below and I hope you like what you're about to hear!

Deadmau5, 4x4=12

And btw the Protoss track by Monophonique, not actually sure if I spelled the name right but never mind, yeah about them, atleast I think they're two guys.. they have released the Protoss EP so go to Beatport and check it out, or just go to their Soundcloud page and listen to the EP teaser.. Gotta go back to "work" now, bye!

Here's the link to Monophoniques Soundcloud page and to their EP on Beatport!!!!

Monday, December 6


I really don't have the time to do a post right now but wth, screw it.. I'm gonna take care of my blog and I don't care if someone dislikes it or not.

Todays post is not going to feature techno music, instead I'm gonna post some classic disco tracks, or club tracks.. I really don't care what you like to call'em.
The reason for these two tracks is that I just heard them on the radio and I must say they were pretty awesome, I think that if you play these in like, a hundred years or so, people will still go nuts!

Smell ya later!

Sunday, December 5

Deadmau5 does it again!

Hell yeah, been listening to some prewievs of Deadmau5 new album, 4x4=12.

And.. It blew me away, the questions is, can he make bad tracks? guess not.
So if you haven't listened to them yet, do it! I will post two of them here, I think the release of the album is set to the 7th of December, 2 days. So when it drops, buy it!

So that's all for today, I'm pretty proud of myself being able to make two posts in one weekend, yey me!

Saturday, December 4

been a while

Hey guys!

Been doing some crazy stuff, that's why I haven't been posting anything for a long time.
Have been searching for some new tracks, and also I've been working on "Error" my new track that also is on my soundcloud page, go check it out and be sure to read the description.

And so I've been chillin' to some new Supermixes from "OMGITM", most of them are pretty darn good. Actually I'm listening to number 44 by Noize Generation right now. You can download them on the OMGITM page, just go to "Supermix". will post the link down below if you're having trouble, lol.

So that's all for now, plz check out my new track on Soundcloud, could use a serious amount of feedback.. and don't tell me that it sucks, cause then you're only giving me facts that I already know.

here's the link to all Supermixes! have fun dying to them..

haha can't help it, but this track is just stuck in my head, it's old but wth, who cares, right?
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