Thursday, May 5

Something came!

Hope u enjoyed the last post cuz here's the remix IKKI did on it. Why does the name "IKKI" remind me of "IKEA".. hmm, never mind.

This is some serious shit.. u must listen!

So I'm finally making some progress with Logic, not that I've been working so much with it but still.. I'm proud of myself, check out my soundcloud page if you want to listen to a possible "start" to the new track.. It'll be an experiment but that's always fun!

Monday, May 2

Something is comin'

I just wanna show u something that I've been and still are keeping both my eyes on!
It's the new release from F.O.O.L, stands for FuckOurOrdinaryLife for those who didn't know.

Here we go!

F.O.O.L - Invasion from OMGITM™ on Vimeo.

And yes, It's from the "Oh My God It's Techno Music" label, those guys just keep pumpin' bangers!
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