Friday, April 29

hi, goodbye

Hi, ehm.. Hi!

So where do I start, I need to blame something or someone for my lack of intrest in this blog! Naaah! I'm just kiddin' (as usual?) I didn't have any access to a computer during easter so I guess that's a lame but fair reason. So I'm not doin anything right now, that's infact my problem.. I get to lazy when I just repeat the same things day in and day out.. I think I need a girlfriend! (ofc u do, retard..)

But no worries guys, I will cheer u up with some Spotify music, just wait and see!

The Foolish Legacy - Metamorphosis(Monophonique Remix)
Monophonique.. Do I need to say anything else? don't think so.

Fukkk Offf - Brainrock(Cyberpunkers Remix)
Cyberpunkers does it again, and again, and again...

I guess that will do for now! bye bye
u know I would f**k u if I could

Tuesday, April 19


Maaaaaaan! I've been brainwashed by 3OH!3 today. I totally luv their music and they just make hilarious music videos. I don't know how big these two guys is out there in the world but I hope they get much attention, cuz they deserve it!

Too bad they won't come to Sweden any time soon though. But hey! that's life.
And yes, there will be no vlogin' today, too tired and ugly for that. Nah, I'm just kiddin', I'm not ugly.. meet me and you'll see.

Now.. let's promote these awsome guys, here you go.. in HD

So that's all for today..
(you wanna know a secret, I'm single and waiting for the right girl.. maybe that's you)


Yeah this is the SHIT!, this is my future.. but for private reasons you won't be able to see my face, at least not in ths vid. I don't wanna get stalked if u know what I mean. For every vlog I do there will be my fav song of the day/week depending on how much time I will be spendin' in front of my computer.

But have a good one, I think I wish u a good night in the vid so no reason to write it aswell..

But please forgive me for the extremely bad talking and low sound.. it's in the middle of the night so didn't want to wake my family. Vlogs in the future will be better, more talkin', higher volume when the drop come and maybe, just maybe more of my face, hah!

Sunday, April 17

Yeah bitches, it's on!

Hah! I'm back, or at least I think I am. Fuck, I'm completely wasted right now so I guess this is not the best time to do some "bloging". Damn, is that word spelled that way? I'm always uncertain.
But yeah. fuck it.. I don't care and you guys don't care either. Better keep this one short before I get interupted.

I wasn't plannin' to do this today but I really need to keep up on the bloging.. cuz what else in the world is there to do otherwise.. I'm feelin' pretty proud of myself to be able to do this.. and when I become famous, cuz I will become that in time, you can say you were one of the first to discover me and take all the cred for it aswell!

But now it's texas hold'em time again so I this is my goodbye. cheers guys, I love you all, espacially the girls!
Hugs n' kisses, KLRFL
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