Saturday, February 18


No music for you today. I'm at my cousins 40 years party so I don't have access to any music source. I'm also quite drunk so yeah, it's Saturday.. Have fun and party hard people!!


Monday, February 13

Catch up!


Just want to catch up on current releases, music that is.
First out we got the Epic EP, released by Cyberpunkers a couple of days ago. If you haven't heard it you better check it out. They've put previews on their Soundcloud page. To save you the trouble of going there, here's my favourite from the EP.

That's it for now but I'll be back later for some more awsome music!



I'm lazy and I just have to accept it. I've been thinking a lot of this blog and I don't know what to do with it.
I love video games and music but I've already got another blog for the games so I guess this one will, once again, be about me and music.

It is time for part 2 of this blog. I went to the movie theater today and watched star wars episode 1 3D. I encourage everyone who like Star Wars to see it but it wasn't anything special, the 3D effects just gave the movie a little more depth, that's all.

Thursday, December 8


Yes I'm thinking of writing a book. For myself and those who want to read it, nothing public ofc. I think the story has the potential to be great. It better be, cuz my writing skills suck. Wish me good luck hombres!

Thursday, November 10


I know that I am bad at posting stuff here but that is your fault. If anyone is reading this, which I do not think, u should be more active!
Give me some feedback bitches.
I could not care less about your lame excuses. Write something, tell me that I suck... Or tell me that I am your god, both work just fine for me. I am guessing that noone will write anything but it was worth a shot, so now u can go back to your pathetic life and continue playing WoW or watch stupid YouTube videos and sharing them to your friends thinking u are funny. Tell your mom about me, I bet she will like what I have to offer.
Rage-time over, time to sleep and hopefully not die while doing that.

Thursday, October 20

So boring

God this teacher is boring! He doesn't even know what he's talking about. Even I know more about the subject then he does...

Stay out of school people, it only makes u bored!

Wrong makes anger

Yupp, there's something wrong with this app. Had to delete one of my posts.. annoying as the kid who stand in the background telling everyone else what to do.

Now u know how I feel
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