Thursday, October 20

So boring

God this teacher is boring! He doesn't even know what he's talking about. Even I know more about the subject then he does...

Stay out of school people, it only makes u bored!

Wrong makes anger

Yupp, there's something wrong with this app. Had to delete one of my posts.. annoying as the kid who stand in the background telling everyone else what to do.

Now u know how I feel

Do not fake it

Don't follow the fashion commercials so blindly. Be yourself, that way when you find the right one, it'll last!
I'm master of advice so trust me, I'm almost always right.

Make your own style, make your own life, peace!

Wednesday, October 19

Oh Yeah!

We're doin it!, we're chillin it!, we're rockin it! We're boom boom pow!

Oh yes, you know it..

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